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Hello, and welcome to this blog!

What i'm planning to do with this blog is not very clear for me, since i'm pretty indecisive when it comes to these things. It will mostly be for personal stuff, but i also intend on showing objects, which are useless here. You know, those objects that you think are pointless junk?

What ever, feel free to submit the objects for which we have no use right on this blog. Unless there's a blog with the same purpose somewhere around here that's far better than this one. I'd hope to be affiliates with such a blog though...
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I recently started watching “Uta no Prince-Sama Maji 1000% Love” (what the hell is with that title?) and will probably talk more in detail about my impressions later on. I don’t care wether or not this has anything to do with the blog’s main topic, i do what i want with my blog.

This particular post, however, is more on topic. Mainly - the outfits. Why does one of them wear a skirt on top of his trousers? Does anyone do that? And admit it - they all look like bootleg versions of vocaloid characters. I don’t know if boy bands in Japan dress like this, but i still find these outfits ridiculous.

You know, it’s not like they didn’t try here. It’s more like they over did it.

But what is up with the pink one’s fringes? And is that nail polish? Exuse me but i have to report a crime. To the fashion police!